Let us join forces to make the world a better place!

Eley, a manufacturing firm, just received ISO 14064 (GHG - Greenhouse Gas Emissions) Certification, making the company carbon neutral.

The ISO 14064 standard is one of a series of standards focused on assessing, managing, and certifying businesses' greenhouse gas emissions. This certification allows us to keep under control the so-called greenhouse gases, which are typically emitted by all organizations (even live humans are modest emitters of greenhouse gases), and to put measures in place to minimize or eliminate them, particularly in developing countries.


A product's carbon footprint is a measurement that reflects in CO2 all greenhouse gas emissions made over its life cycle (creation, processing, production, transportation, consumption, and end of life), assessing the impact of such emissions on the environment.

This has been accomplished via a combination of focused initiatives meant to enhance our usage of processes, lifestyles, and energy sources from an eco-sustainability perspective.

For our company and manufacturing needs, we have opted to employ 100% renewable energy from solar panels and clean energy projects to cut and fully offset CO2 emissions.


UKRAINE: HEAP trash Ukraine

Ukraine is first in Europe and eighth in the globe in terms of hard coal geological reserves. For almost 300 years, this production has been mostly accomplished through mining. The Donetsk Basin has one of the world's greatest coal resources. The first initiative that our firm has chosen to sponsor is the revitalization of Ukraine's Donbas area.

Continuous mining from coal mines results in the creation of coal rock formations known as heaps. These piles can cause fires and the subsequent spread of smoke, disrupting the environmental and economic balance of the Donbas mining areas, generating a changed ecological condition, changing the status of the atmosphere, land, and water, and inflicting immense damage.

The project we sponsor entails the entire deconstruction of the "Azovtreyd" Ltd. Landfill. During the landfill's deconstruction, the rock mass will be collected with specific equipment for further processing to generate clean coal for boilers, which may then be used as fuel. As a result, the landfill's rock mass will be completely converted back into coal.

The project's purpose is to eliminate the self-combustion phenomenon in the landfill and to acquire more coal from the extraction wastes.

By sponsoring this initiative for the rebuilding of the Ukrainian Donbas area, Eley and, as a result, Sendo has helped the attainment of several of the UNO's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals for a Better Future.

Specifically, we have been important in:

Guaranteeing universal access to and sustainable management of water and sanitation, and taking immediate action to prevent climate change and its implications

Stop and reverse land degradation, stop biodiversity loss, and conserve ocean, sea, and marine resources for sustainable development.

A Greener India for INDIA

Building a greener India via the use of cutting-edge and sustainable products is the second project that Eley, and subsequently Sendo, has decided to fund to offset its carbon footprint.

In the second project, carbon offsetting was accomplished through a partnership with an Indian agribusiness firm that is a pioneer in the environmentally friendly production of palm oil.

This project entails supporting the purchase of a generator that enables the management of waste from the shells and bunches of palm fruits, allowing for the acquisition of steam and energy for use in the Palm Oil producing facilities themselves. The farm uses energy from so-called biomass in this way to fulfill its energy demands and lessen its reliance on imports.

Palm oil, which is utilized as a raw ingredient in the food and cosmetics industries, is therefore managed and processed in a sustainable manner.

The firm also practices virtuous conduct in support of the local community, as all employees are from the region in which the company is based. The firm provides its employees with a medical benefits package that includes hospitalization assistance, health insurance, and a living allowance, as well as part-time work for women following maternity leave.

Employees can also apply for a scholarship for up to one kid. Through organized career talks and individual growth plans, the organization provides constant skill upgrading and learning opportunities.

Eley and Sendo have helped ONU achieve the following objectives for a brighter future by sponsoring this project:

Put an end to all types of poverty worldwide.

Ending hunger, ensuring food security, enhancing nutrition, and advancing sustainable agriculture

enable inclusive education for all students and encourage equitable and superior chances for lifelong learning.

guarantee that everyone has access to modern, cheap, and sustainable energy services; encourage inclusive, sustained, and sustainable economic growth; ensure that all people have access to full and productive employment; and ensure that everyone has a good place to work.

 We believe we can gradually enhance everyone's way of life to make the world a better place by working together to bring about good change.