Line naming is meant to be a manifestation of our being. By choosing the archaic form of the term


we affirm the continuous search for ancient values, closer to the nature and well-being of the person. Sendo means providing quality and professional experience for everyone’s well-being. For us, well-being means rediscovering the roots of our deepest and most ancient essence, which we often lose contact with due to the stressful and hectic rhythms that we find ourselves living in. Whether it’s our processing methods, our packaging, or the choices we make for our formulations, which contain a very high percentage of natural ingredients: everything is focused on giving you products that have been formulated using the wisdom of tradition, but guided by intelligent use of technology.

Sendo is an Eley brand. Eley is a company with many years of experience in the hair, face and body care industry that works in both the national and international market.


Our company is 100% Italian: we are based in Granarolo dell’Emilia, and our entire production takes place in this country. We have been producing innovative and functional hair, face, and body cosmetics for many years now, for both the national and international markets. Our presence on the world market is continually growing and becoming increasingly established.

Eley products have extremely high quality standards, thanks in particular to our very own modern and efficient research and development laboratory. But apart from our product performance, we want to guarantee to our customers that our work respects the environment, our workers, and ethical values. We work with natural and safe formulations, made up of natural active ingredients and certified organic extracts. What’s more, our entire production follows strict safety, hygiene, and monitoring standards, under the supervision of technicians and consultants who safeguard both our workers and end customers. Our technologically-advanced machinery respects any environmental regulations currently in place, and our processes are continuously being monitored to improve their environmental impact.